A back to school survival guide!

The start of the school year means a lot of change and adapting to a new routine. Whether your kids are first or fifth graders, it can be a stressful time… both for them and for you! So don’t go tearing your hair out as you try to get things organized – here are a few tips that’ll help you survive that “September stress.”


Save money so you can breathe a little easier

We all know how much back to school can cost… but you can cut back on your budget without giving up too much. One way to save is to look over all the old school supplies and reuse whatever’s still in good shape, so you don’t have to buy too many new pencils, rulers, and scissors.

You need to be careful, though! Cutting back on your spending shouldn’t mean a less functional study space. Homework is vital if you want your kids to do well in school, and a good work environment will motivate them to focus on their assignments. You can, of course, recycle your existing furniture, but it’s just as easy to buy a new, functional desk at a low price – some of them retail for less than $100. It doesn’t take a lot to create a space where your child will be inspired and feel comfortable – sometimes, all you need is a good desk and a couple of low cost deco accessories to put them in a “homework frame of mind!”

 Academic desk


Get your kids involved

A tight budget is just one of the challenges you’re dealing with as they head back to school. For example, motivating your youngster can also be tricky. Not every kid is eager to hit the books again, but you can revive their interest by involving them in little DIY projects that’ll get them in the mood for school.

Projects involving the whole family can be ideal for getting them back into learning mode. Why not use that brand new desk (the one you paid so little for!) to work on a deco project with your kids? Here’s a cute little pencil holder that’s really easy to make, and you can fill it with pencils in the colors they like.

Another thing you may need for back to school is an original idea for a teacher’s gift. Here’s an essential that’s a great way to put your kids’ talents to good use: this fun, personalized tote is a simple, original solution that won’t cost a bundle. It’s a great way to showcase a drawing by your kid, and this gift is sure to put a smile on the teacher’s face. Go online to find a lot of easy little DIY projects that’ll give you a few ideas for personalizing your kid’s school supplies. 

 Back to school


Get yourself organized

A smooth back to school transition means you need to be super-organized on that first day. Take some time to set up your kids’ study space before classes begin, so it’s ready for that first homework assignment; on the eve of the big day, pick out the clothes they’ll wear; and cook whatever you’ll be putting into their lunch box ahead of time! Don’t forget to label your kids’ school supplies so nothing gets lost and you don’t have to buy more things just a few weeks after classes start!

Make no mistake: some moms breathe a huge sigh of relief when back to school rolls around, while others find things are too quiet at home. If you’re not the type to enjoy the peace and quiet, this could be the right time to have a little breather and start a mini-reno project, perhaps tackling a room in your home that’s been neglected!


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