The Monkey

Download plan here

You’ll need the following for this DIY project: One South Shore cardboard box, a glue gun, a pencil, a marker, a utility knife, a ruler, a cutting mat, a piece of string, and the template for drawing your monkey.

Step 1 – Open out the box and spread it on the floor, then use your pencil to draw a grid on part of it: be sure to measure the lines with a ruler! To simplify this step, use the length of your ruler to draw the grid right.

Step 2 – Reproduce the shapes of the monkey’s face using the template provided.

Step 3 – Make sure to protect your floor by putting down the cutting mat, then use the utility knife to cut out the shapes you’ve drawn.

Step 4 – Gently press the cardboard around your thigh to curve the mask.

Step 5 – Hot glue the monkey’s eyes to the face.

Step 6 – Insert the monkey’s ears in the slots you’ve cut out in the head.

Step 7 – Gently bend the shapes that make up the monkey’s mouth. Attach the upper lip by inserting the tabs into the face slots, and then glue the lower lip to the two corners so it stays in place.

Step 8 – Making the nose is a two-step process. Hot glue the pieces that make up the bridge of the nose, then insert the nose into the face by sliding the tabs into the two slots.

Step 9 – Glue the two forehead pieces to the strips that’ll hold the string for the mask. This step is simply used to bend the forehead line so the mask fits better on your face.

Step 10 – Finish off the process by using the pencil to make holes in the two side pieces of the mask, then attach the string.

 Your monkey is now ready to play to the crowd!