The Monster

Download plan here

You’ll need these items for this DIY project: One South Shore cardboard box, a pencil, a marker, a utility knife, a tape measure, a long ruler, one color pencil, a hot glue gun, and the template for drawing your monster.


Step 1 – Open out the box and spread it on the floor, then measure and trace the shapes for your monster costume, based on the template dimensions. Use a pencil to trace the dotted lines – the black marker can be used to draw the lines you’ll need to cut.


Step 2 – Make sure your floor is protected, then cut out the pieces using a utility knife. First cut out the monster shape, then remove the squares for the head and arms.


Step 3 – Start assembling the body by folding the cardboard along the dotted lines you drew. Use the ruler when folding the shapes.


Step 4 – Fold the top of the box down towards the sides of the monster’s body. Glue down the flaps on the top of the box (they become the monster’s shoulders), and close up the sides of the body with more glue.


Step 5 – Now let’s move on to the head! Start by gluing the monster’s teeth to the inside of the head.


Step 6 – The concept here is the same as for the body: make a small box by folding and then gluing down the sides of the head.


Step 7 – Go back to the body, carefully cut out the slots, and insert the spine into the back.

Step 8 – Using the same process, attach the horns to the head.


Step 9 – Use the color pencil to draw two eyes on cardboard scraps, then color them. Cut out the two shapes and glue them to the head.


Step 10 – To attach the head to the body, cut out shoulder slots for inserting the tabs you left in the base of the head, so the head can be positioned properly.

And there you go – just slide the costume over your kid’s head, for a truly scary monster!