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What are your quality packaging standards?

At South Shore Furniture, we understand that a product’s packaging can play a significant role in the consumer’s experience. We have our own in-house laboratory and all of our products sold online must meet the requirements of ISTA standard 3A. These tests consist of simulating all of the conditions experienced during the shipment of each piece of furniture from the manufacturer to the consumer.


To meet the standards, several drop tests are carried out to simulate the handling of boxes between loadings.


Each piece must spend a period of 2.5 hours on a vibrating table, which reproduces the conditions of road transportation.


In order for a piece of furniture to be certified ISTA 3A, all of its components must be intact when the box is opened at the end of the simulations. All components must then be validated by our Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP).


Each test carried out within our laboratory is included in a detailed report.


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